Holding my head under water it’s getting harder to breath,
It’s getting harder to see,
I swear we’re all ghosts and you’ll never take me,

The blind are the only ones who can truly see,
But your holding my eyes open,
Why are you punishing me,

Holding my…

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I still talk to Jesus,
I still pray,
I just think he’s gone away,
I still fight my demons,
I’m trying to keep them at bay,

Jesus I know I’ve been distant,
I’m not expecting you to fix it,
But I’m growing weary of this fight,
And I’d like to think that your…

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It’s weird sometimes how life works out. You meet people, you start to like them, and then they get scared. And all you can think is that they wasted your time. But that’s not true most of the time. I mean if you cared for them, and enjoyed the time you had with them, is it a waste of time? I think in saying that it was, I was wrong. I enjoyed the time spent together, and I learned something from it. I learned that everyone teaches us things and I also learned that you have to let things and people go. And you can’t let it take your joy away. Don’t let anything take that away, ever.



Tricks ft. Childish Gambino

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Childish gambino just gspot free styling haha

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Always say all you can, in what time you have.

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Please watch and give me feedback on this video. it is for a project that i am working on. more to come.


Big things are happening this year for me. Just wait, you’ll see. I can do anything, and i will do everything i say i am.


My fault was in, letting you get under my skin.

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I miss longboarding season, so much!

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I always will.

I always will.

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